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A good friend of mine – who shall remain nameless – is one of the BEST fitness trainers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

The fella has it all…

The knowledge, the personality, and the “I’ve got your back” attitude…


He still struggles in his business.

I was curious what was going on… because he was an absolutely great guy on-top of being a wizard trainer.

Here’s what he told me when I asked him about his sales and marketing:

Man… I just don’t want to be “salesy” and shove this down people’s throats… if they like it they’ll come find me themselves. I don’t want to be pushy”.

This is VERY common thinking. It’s coming from a well-meaning place…

However, when you say something like this…

You’re Actually Holding Out On Us!

Here’s why…

When I hear someone say this… here’s the underlying hidden meaning behind it:

“I don’t have the courage to get my life-changing product/service benefits in the hands of every single person possible”.

If you’ve made the commitment to be of service to others, whether it’s helping them lose weight, change their life, improve their mindset, become more attractive, become more successful, or simply feel better about who they are…

You owe it to yourself AND all those people to get out there and make your offering known to the universe.



Let me ask you this – especially if you subscribe to the idea of “they’ll come if they want to” – What if you can TRIPLE the number of people you serve with one swift stroke (without crossing your ethical boundaries)… would you do it?

100% you would! Otherwise… what’s the point of helping lots of people if you’re only going to stop at 20 people a year… especially when you can reach HUNDREDS more!

Sadly… this is where a lot of well-meaning entrepreneurs and biz-owners like you find themselves:

You want to help and inspire more people… yet you’re finding it difficult to embrace the idea of “selling” your products/services. So you remain stuck at your current level for what could be the rest of your career.

Still not convinced?

OK, I got your back…

Allow me to re-frame this entire idea for you…

What if – from this moment on-ward – you weren’t selling a “product/service”.


You’re going on an audition.

That’s right… you’re going to “try-outs” – like you would before joining a team (one worth joining anyway).

You’re trying-out for a spot to be the coach or guide to your clients.

To be THE #1 person they can count on to reach the goal you envision for them.

Don’t you agree they deserve to witness what you’re all about before they hand-off the keys of their biz or their life to you?

You always test drive a car before putting the OK on the paperwork don’t you?


Give your future clients or prospects a chance at getting to know more about you before they make the big decision – and it is a big decision for them. No matter how simple it sounds from your perspective.

In a nutshell… you are NOT selling a product/service. You are selling YOU…

You are auditioning to be the go-to person in your client’s/customer’s life.

This means owning up to the idea that you must nail the audition to get the part!


Because there are many others in your niche auditioning for the same part… so why not be THE one who nails it?

This means…

You Must Brush Up On Your Salesmanship

Here are 5 things you can do TODAY to open the flood gates in your business for more clients/customers with rock-solid, honest, and ethical salesmanship… or simply…

How to nail the audition to be the guide to positive change and success in somebody’s life:

1.Have answers for: Who are you? what do you stand for? And what are you against?

A one size fits all solution is no solution…

Try rockin’ one those one-size caps if you have a small head. That’s right – it ain’t pretty.

Human beings LOVE custom made solutions…

We like to feel special and we adore it when things are made with our unique needs in mind…

So instead of masking what makes you stand out in your niche… put it on stage and shine the spotlight on it!

Sure, you’ll repel some people… yet you’ll attract hundreds more who dig your vibe, approach, and philosophy.

If there’s a common enemy you’re personally fighting against (a mindset coach waging war on fear and insecurity for example), make it known in your about page or your mission description.

People will rally behind those who will help them “throw rocks at their enemies”.

2. Why you and not the other guy/lady?

Stacking another layer on the previous point… tie-in your personal philosophy to a unique mechanism or method only you use in your market or niche.

What is it about your teachings or techniques setting you apart from the next guy?

Think of it like this: If you are the customer or client… what is the one thing compelling you to choose YOU over somebody else?

I highly recommend you take the time to ASK people you’ve worked with what it was that made them choose you… and how their experience with your products or services stood out from their previous investments.

There’s usually a pattern there… pay close attention to what comes out here as it’ll give you big clues on how you can uniquely position yourself within your niche.

3. “Build it and they’ll come” is terrible advise. Instead… go with “Build it, audition for a spot to be their guide (every struggling hero needs a guide), THEN they’ll come”.

Here’s the thing… if you spend anytime carefully studying or merely observing human behavior and psychology, you’ll find some predictable patterns people fall into (Yes, even billionaires and rocket scientists).

One of those patterns is procrastination… And its bratty cousin – indecisiveness.

People would LOVE it if they could avoid having to make tough decisions…

We also (across the board) wrestle with varying degrees of procrastination.


When someone steps up and makes our decision making process EASY…

And spurs us to finally take the action we’ve been putting off forever…

We not only vote for this person with our wallets… we become loyal fans.

Who doesn’t want to associate with someone who makes life easier?


What does all this mean for your business?

Well… If you can be THE provider of EASY solutions to their burning problems… you’ll get the go-ahead nod after the audition… not your competition.

This is what you’ll structure your “audition” around:

“It’s EASY to do guys… just follow my lead”.

Let them know you’ve got their back every step of the way… and highlight how silly it is to keep postponing pulling the trigger to make the necessary changes to improve their lives. After all, you’re doing all the heavy lifting for them aren’t you?

4. Know more “closes” than they have objections and build them up as capable people. 

Did you know the world’s greatest salesmen overcome (on average) 5 objections per sale before they seal a single deal… five!

Are you doing your due diligence to build rapport with your customers and clients?

Because guess what?

You don’t have to scratch your head and do 700 jumping jacks to figure out why they won’t buy…

You just have to ASK them… that’s it!

The best way to do this is to have a conversation.

Elbows by the bar, baby!

Forget the money, forget the biz, and forget the state of the world…

Focus your attention on listening.

Genuinely and sincerely asking someone: “Mr. X, I get the feeling there’s something else here that’s getting in the way of us working together to get you (BIG BENEFIT)… Would you mind telling me what it is?”

This is usually all you need to laser-focus the entire interaction on the BIG objection…

Spouse approval, money is tight, low energy, “I can’t”, “I’m scared”, “I want to sleep on it”… are a few examples of what you can potentially get here.

This is GOOD news!

Now you have them… why? Because they just told you the ONE thing holding them back, and TOGETHER you can tackle it with honesty and sincerity.

For example… Spouse approval is a common one.

You’ll say: “Mr X. I Totally understand… and I always respect people who involve their spouse with big decisions, it makes for a more harmonious family. May we call your spouse right now/Ask her to drop-by?

Then you would pre-frame the spouse as a loving, supportive individual who wants her partner to succeed/lose weight/overcome fear:

Mrs X. I just had the pleasure of speaking to your husband here… I can’t wait to get started with him to (Insert your big benefit)… he’s also a very lucky man because he told me what a supportive, loving, and encouraging spouse he has… not many guys can say that! Now, You’d be on board with him becoming more (insert big benefit) wouldn’t you?

How can a supportive, loving, and encouraging spouse say no to that?

5. Just Sell the damn thing already!

John Carlton – the most ripped-off and respected copywriter on the planet – constantly drills this idea into the head of anyone running a business or attempting to make a sale:

“Just sell the damn thing already!”

His philosophy (and I highly suggest you adopt it as your own) is as follows:

If you have in your hands a product or a service you KNOW can help change the lives of people for the better… shame on you for not doing anything and everything possible to get those benefits to them right away.

There’s not much more I can add to that ladies and gentlemen.


Get out there and nail the audition to become the kick-ass guide who will bless the lives of people with positive change and solid leadership.